Monday, January 14, 2013

cat & cow

after many jokes, a few requests, and an innumerable amount of nights spent laying awake mulling it over, I have decided to finally start a blog.

before I even start- I feel that I need to give recognition to Amanda of Shh! Maker Design for creating my header. in all of its simplicity it truly captures what I want for my little nook in the World Wide Web. her etsy shop has amazing illustrations and her blog is a good read, too!

this will not be a DIY blog (although I will post projects here and there).

it will not be a mommy blog (even as I fully plan on posting Amelia's and my activities together).

and it will not be a lifestyle blog, but rather a ME blog- a place for me to document my thoughts, hopes, plans, pictures and musings, whatever their relation to myself as a mother as well as just me.

I hope, if anyone reads this, that they get as much enjoyment out of it as I do.


  1. So excited for this!!!! Looking forward to following you on this blogger journey!!

  2. Hiya! So exited for your blog. I feel like most ones I follow have left the written word to just do instagram. I miss reading! Good for you ;)
    Em xx

  3. Hi! Found your blog over at Heidi's blog Antlers and Roses. Love your layout and look forward to reading your blog :)

    Summer x